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Hello! My Name is

Carolyn Young

Managing Director

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Carolyn Young, CEO/Owner comes from a forty-year plus, career as an
Educator and administrator and passionately works with the autism
community. She brings passion, personal history, and a history of serving
families in need to her mission: to establish S.H.A.P.E. Solutions as a
leading provider of services and Applied Behavior Analysis treatment for
children with autism and their families. Having the opportunity to work with
many families, Carolyn was exposed to the many challenges that families
and these wonderful children face daily. She made the decision that so
much more needed to be done to give families every opportunity for the best
possible outcomes. Carolyn is committed to providing S.H.A.P.E.
Solutions’ clinicians with the resources and support they need to focus
solely on the critical care they administer to clients and their families.

Carolyn is a driving force behind the company’s whole-family approach
to care.
Carolyn is instrumental in establishing, and managing relationships between
individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, medical professionals,
insurance companies, faith-based organizations, as well as Laurel
Community College and Prince George Community College. Carolyn has
also successfully developed platforms for community awareness, services,
and advocacy for the special needs community. She has a proven record of
developing partnerships with diversity-focused organizations and has a
wealth of knowledge and experience providing resources within the special
needs community.

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